We are very excited to announce the results of the Unlike Portrait Awards of 2021. We hope you are all keeping safe & healthy, and we look forward to your involvement in 2022.

Thank you

The Unlike Portrait Awards is an annual photo contest for talented amateur and professional portrait photographers from all corners of the world. With 24 awards, 8 different categories and 4 specialized jury members, we reward the best and brightest professionals. Now that the deadline has passed we will be busy judging the submitted portraits in the coming time.

In the initial (1) round all portraits of every category will be judged by our editorial jury panel and awarded a maximum of 50 points for technique (10), expression (10), lighting (10), composition (10) and originality (10). The portraits with a total score of 35 points or higher will be shortlisted for the UPA semi-finals (second round). In the second round, the shortlisted portraits will be judged again, the portraits of every category with a total score of 40 points or higher will be shortlisted for the finals of the UPA (third and final round).

In the third round the shortlisted portraits will be judged by our jury committee, individually and as a group. The winners will be announced on the first of February 2022.


On November 19 2021, to our disbelief, our dear Fatih van den Hout suddenly passed away. We were surprised and saddened to hear about Fatih's passing. Fatih was a passionate portrait photographer, teacher and devoted father. He was also part of the jury team of the Unlike Portrait Awards. It’s going to take time to get through the shock of this loss. Wishing his family comfort and strength for the time ahead. We’ll be praying for all of you.

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Are you ready to become an award-winning portrait photographer? Are you ready to boost your career? Are you ready for more clients, direction, inspiration, skills, exposure and recognition? Are you ready to enter the Unlike Portrait awards?

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"The second person is my mother, that I love and admire so much, she’s been through a lot in life and I can feel her in every moment of my life…"

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By joining the competition, you help realising a hospital in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and providing care to people in the most remote, poorest and unstable area of Ecuador.