The story of Grace20211022055625

The story of Grace

Luuk Hendriks22/10/20210 comments
"Eventually the things that used to make you scared become beautiful experiences, or they just don't seem so scary over time."...
The story of Marianne20211010061756

The story of Marianne

Luuk Hendriks10/10/20210 comments
"I don't set goals. For me it's important to live in the here and now. Enjoy what you do and grab the chances you are given."...
The story of Sami20210817163506

The story of Sami

Luuk Hendriks17/08/20210 comments
" I know my fellow colleagues can manage with way less time than me, but I have to do my edits my way."...
The story of Yannick20210817134508

The story of Yannick

Luuk Hendriks17/08/20210 comments
"You absolutely have to stay yourself, and move forward on your own path, there will always be unhappy people, who will not like your work, or who wil...
The story of Carmela20210817134213

The story of Carmela

Luuk Hendriks17/08/20210 comments
"I would like to leave them with a gift, and that would be a portrait capturing their essence, and reflect on these portraits the feeling of the love ...
The story of Ofek20210817132001

The story of Ofek

Luuk Hendriks17/08/20210 comments
"The second person is my mother, that I love and admire so much, she's been through a lot in life and I can feel her in every moment of my life..."...
The story of Jeroen20210817122416

The story of Jeroen

Luuk Hendriks17/08/20210 comments
"Letting go of the idea that lots of followers and likes equals being a good photographer, and just doing what I like, made everything much more enjoy...
The story of Evelynne20210804052557

The story of Evelynne

Luuk Hendriks04/08/20210 comments
"What really matters to me is that people feel seen. Not in a perfect and curated way. But in their truest form."...
The story of Zoë20210803194632

The story of Zoë

Luuk Hendriks03/08/20210 comments
"It is my mission to spread confidence, joy, courage and spontaneity amongst women."...
The story of Glenn20210803083800

The story of Glenn

Luuk Hendriks03/08/20210 comments
"...and an other thing is trying to not f-up anything and working with what I have."...