The story of Glenn

Tell our readers about yourself

My name is Glenn Mostert. I am a commercial photographer from The Netherlands. My photographic journey started in 2008, when I had an internship at the head-office of a fashion company called Hans Textiel. I worked there as a graphic designer, but I also had to photograph pack shots of the products. As time passed I was also involved with photographing models wearing the fashion items. That was an awesome experience! I wanted to know everything about it and the photography madness took off. Every night before sleeping I watched Phlearn, learning more about photography and photoshop. After graduating I got several jobs at ad agencies and publishers working as a graphic designer, but photography always had a big involvement in my work. I was shooting more and more and in 2016 I started my own part-time business and went full-time last year’s.

How do you balance your business and personal life?

I recently started renting an office space (35m2), before that I worked from home. Although I am on the road most of the time I do have to have a place to edit, do administration, call clients, have storage and so on. In 2016 I worked one day a week for myself and having a desk and a computer was enough then. But working full-time from home and living there aswel got me sort of caught between walls. Also having to redecorate my living room when I client booked a studio session didn’t seem very professional. So I looked for a place to work from, maybe buy a studio. I found out that last one was a bridge to far at this point and I am curious if how I look at that in after this year’s. Maybe I don’t need a studio after all. It’s still a dream, but If it’s too much for me I’d rather stay at my current office.

Seeing the image before it’s made, I think that something not everybody has. And an other thing is trying to not f-up anything and working with what I have.

What’s something you know you do differently than most photographers?

This is a fun question and I think it’s as easy as it is difficult. Let’s start with the easy one. Everybody is different and as many video’s on YouTube you can see that every photographer will approach an assignment if his own way. The difficult answer has everything to do with inspiration and creativity. When I talk to a client, whether it is paid or not, and the assignment is briefed I almost instantly come up with an idea. Most of the time it is over the top or weird, but you have a basis to work on with your client. Seeing the image before it’s made, I think that something not everybody has. And an other thing is trying to not f-up anything and working with what I have. Every shoot starting without problems makes me al little nervous, it always feels like I’m forgetting something or feels like it’s too good to be true.

What would you do as a photographer if you weren’t scared?

I think being scared is something that triggers our brain to go in survival mode and boosts our creativity. It’s one of the best things that can happen to you. If I wouldn’t be scared it almost feels like you don’t care about the outcome of the shoot. Like I said I would get nervous, and being nervous makes you a little bit scared so… I do however think you can get into a vibe or place where you feel comfortable and in a flow. And that has to do with experience. After shooting a number of hours you no longer worry about you settings, you maybe worry about directing your model or something. You keep pushing your boundaries and never, not ever, say ‘no’ to something that scares you. People won’t ask you to do anything if they wouldn’t believe or trust you to do well. By asking they already gave you their trust, just make it happen.