The story of Kasper

What’s your name?
Kasper van Steveninck

Hi Kasper, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?
Kasper van Steveninck, (32) with multiple camera’s and a supporting love for humankind and their stories. I salute the unknown by exploring faces and stories.

How did your interest in photography begin?
Girlfriends. I was in love once with a young girl when I was a teenager. My dad showed me the way with all the settings on a SLR camera (analog FT2 Nikkormat with a 50mm lens f2.8: great camera!) and I started going to France and Gent. I kept this hobby alive by exploring a bit more and from there on it evolved into a bigger assignments and projects.

When did you decide to become a professional photographer?
Never. It just happened. However, I did create a company in order for myself to create a status that enabled me to get my administration going.

How did you became an Unlike Portrait Awards jury member?
Passion. Sometimes I feel things that are meant to be happening in my life. It is like this radar that spots events coming. My cousin is a founder of the platform and he asked me if I wanted to partake as a jury member. However, it was something on my list to volunteer in this trajectory

What do you think is important when it comes to a great portrait?
Soul power. Nothing else. Nurture the communication that works best for you with your subject and yourself. Be gentle with the person you are photographing. Technically it is not so much a big issue (if you practice hard enough results will come). Off course I have my own personal visual and subjective opinion and ideas about a photo.

Can you tell us about the camera(system) and lenses you use?
Polaroid I love! Times change. I have had many camera’s and still own a bunch of them. Choose the camera you think is best at the moment you start pictures. I am not a geek for specifics of gear. If you go I chose a 35 of 100 mm (sometimes 50mm) prime lens in order to make it simple for myself.

What’s your favorite lens (and why)?
Small lenses that are easy to cary.

What software do you use to process your images?
Instagram or Lightroom. Lightroom is my basic set for editing images. I like the newer edition also sometimes because you can store things in the Cloud and continue editing on your phone for example or tablet. Better for the client.

What makes a good day for you?
Not knowing things, expecting nothing and receiving everything. I believe that if we open our eyes to things like grace or truth we find things happening.

When it comes to working with people, can you share any tips to our readers?
Be yourself. Always. And respect the other. Do not go into strange ways in order to portray yourself different for the other. Be childlike (in the good sense of the word) and be open. By the way good social skills help in planning. At the same time your are a professional so be sure to make clear what you want and can offer the client.

When it comes to your career, what was your highest high and your lowest low?
I feel when I have the time for someone and really get to know them. I love those moments. A real low for me does not exist but I have felt some lows during moments of loss of inspiration. Especially when I felt out of sync with my creative ideas. By support of friends I always got back to the art of visual storytelling. Believe in your arts and continue the journey.

Thank you for your time Kasper. Final thoughts on the Unlike Portrait Awards?
I feel that everyone has a gift and I believe this gift for me is photography (and rewarding the creative forces that show their gifts). Luuk supports a local Hospital with his Awards and therefore this is both a gift to the creatives and the ones who need medical support. I believe in truth,  helping people to figure them selves out or find peace of mind. It is not easy making a selection for so many photographers attending in the ranks. I feel everybody has a beautiful specific objective feel of their own. But, only the best are the best I believe.