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The Unlike Portrait Awards magazine will be filled with the stories and tales of our participants. Business owners and portrait fanatics who faced many challenges before they became the well-known photographers hey are today. In our magazine they will introduce themselves before we ask them three meaningful life-changing questions.

Right Questions

Sometimes asking the right question is the answer photographers need to think about the direction of their career, business and life is actually headed. Our magazine is a great way to share our thoughts, struggles and succes with fellow portrait photographers. We hope that our magazine can help photographers connect in more deep and satisfying ways with one another.

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Our magazine will be published and distributed internationally by Blurb (free digital copies will be available for our participants). Would you like to be interviewed and featured in our magazine? Enter the Unlike Portrait Awards right now!

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Are you ready to become an award-winning portrait photographer? Are you ready to boost your career? Are you ready for more clients, direction, inspiration, skills, exposure and recognition? Are you ready to enter the Unlike Portrait awards?

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