2021 registration
After the first couple of weeks in 2021, we're super excited that registrations for both returning and new photographers are pouring in. Are you ready for worldwide recognition and exposure? Register, upload and become an award winning photographer. You are good enough. Now read that again. You are good enough.
On a daily basis we get emails inquiring how we’re able to run an independent, international award that fully supports portrait photographers from around the globe without any fees. The short answer is...It’s fricking hard. We don't charge any fees but do ask for a donation. Know it’s greatly appreciated, it helps us cover the costs. Also we partnered with the Quina Care foundation helping them in their mission to improve medical care and building a hospital in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador (unlike-awards.com/quina-care). Thank you!
For more information, visit unlike-awards.com/quina-care.