The story of Ofek

Tell our readers about yourself.

I was born in Israel and spent most of my life living with my family in a small village in the north of Israel called Shorashim. After living in Europe for 4 years I came back to Israel 2 years ago and I live in Tel Aviv since. I believe that the most difficult part of my career is the uncertainty of where will I live in the future, I already lived and worked in few different countries and I still don’t know where I want to eventually settle down. My commercial work focuses on portraiture, fashion and PR and my personal work aims to explore various concepts, including the human form, emotions, and individuality. In my work, I strive to integrate storytelling through unique visuals. I am emphasizing striking color palettes and incorporating different lighting techniques all made to tell the story in the best and most authentic way.

How do you keep yourself motivated and inspired as a photographer?

Mostly I try to always question myself and the world I am living, try to feel what moves me at the moment , it can be a story of mine that I’d like to tell or someone else’s story that I would love to show represent. When I do feel Inspired I can get inspired by anything, can be a building I just saw in the street, a movie I watched, a color palette I saw, some song I heard and more.

The second person is my mother, that I love and admire so much, she’s been through a lot in life and I can feel her in every moment of my life…

Who is your favorite photographer and why?

It’s hard to pick one, I’m influenced by so many photographers, but if I have to choose I think my favorite photographer is Robert Mapplethorpe. I admire his work so much, he’s such a big inspiration for me. I don’t only speak about the aesthetic that is so unique and powerful by itself, I want to emphasize his concepts and perception of the world, of his world, his work is so bold and brave, he wanted to reflect his mind exactly as it is, different as it was, he didn’t care what other people think about it.

Who are two people in your life whom you admire and respect? Why?

The First one is Rona Bar, an inspiring photographer and my partner in life and in work, we met through a joint photography work, that led to starting a photography business together and eventually we became a couple. At the moment we’re working on an ongoing project, in the past year we captured couples in their homes, we want to explore romance, intimacy, relationships and body image. The second person is my mother, that I love and admire so much, she’s been through a lot in life and I can feel her in every moment of my life, feel her suffer, her strength, her empathy and compassion and it’s one of the things that drive me most, those are the emotions I’m trying to express in my work.

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