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Professional portrait photographer? Enter our competition and get published in the next issue of the official Unlike Portrait Awards magazine. The Unlike Portrait Awards magazine is filled with the stories and tales of our participants. Business owners and portrait fanatics who faced many challenges before they became the well-known photographers hey are today. In our magazine they will introduce themselves before we ask them three meaningful life-changing questions.

Social Media Calendar

To consistently grow the number of followers every week, you need a strategy and planning. The UPA content calendar is an annual overview and weekly planner containing 365 inspiring social media ideas. Every day of the week has a separate column with a suggestion, tailored to your target group. Our content calendar is specially designed for photographers and eliminates aimless scrolling and random photo posting. The Calendar helps you set goals, saves time and inspires your customers.


We would like to thank you for your participation in the Unlike Portrait Award and contribution to the international portrait photography community. All participants of the Unlike Portrait Awards will receive a editable e-certificate of appreciation.

Online meetings

We have our own virtual island, where we host Friday afternoon meetings for all our participants. The perfect moment to have a digital drink, swap stories, have a laugh but also to have a serious conversation with a fellow colleague about running a sustainable business during and after a global pandemic. Let’s meet and join us every Friday.

Participant page

We will share your portrait(s) and website on our participants page for more exposure and publicity.

Personalized poster

All participants of the Unlike Portrait Awards will receive a personalized award poster (digital). Show the world your passion and dedication!


The Unlike Portrait Awards pays homage to portrait photography from all over the world. Participants are more than welcome to download and use our badges on their own website. Don’t forget to link to


Self-employed photographers have monthly operating costs, and these can add up significantly. When it comes to negotiating discounts, we are stronger as a group than alone. As a collective, participating photographers receive attractive discounts on various services and products. Our editorial team is committed to increasing the participant benefit every day.

Why enter our portrait photography contest?

Are you ready to become an award-winning portrait photographer? Are you ready to boost your career? Are you ready for more clients, direction, inspiration, skills, exposure and recognition? Are you ready to enter the Unlike Portrait awards?